The source is a sick person who excretes the pathogen with nasal and nasopharyngeal mucus, and later with feces. There is also a risk of infection from virus carriers (95% of the general population). The routes of infection are airborne, and later fecal-oral. The most susceptible contingent is children from 6 months to 5years, up to 3 months, babies have passive nonspecific immunity (as a result of stromectol effects of breastfeeding). Poorly diagnosed autumn-winter epidemic outbreaks due to a decrease in the systemic immune status are also characteristic.

Symptoms of stromectol order. Once on the epithelial cells, the incubation period begins (a period without symptoms - from the onset of infection to the first general manifestations), this period can last from 1-13 days. During this period, there is an attachment to the cells, the introduction of the virus into the nuclei of the cells, the synthesis of the virus's own DNA due to the suppression of the cell DNA, with the subsequent death of the affected cell. As soon as the maturation of the virus has ended and mature pathogens have formed, the prodromal period begins, characteristic of all ARVIs, the disease lasts from 10-15 days.

Therapy stromectol pills

The peculiarity of adnovirus infection is the sequence of organ and tissue lesions: nose and tonsils, pharynx, trachea, bronchi, conjunctiva, cornea, intestinal mucosa. And so, sequentially changing symptoms:

  • Infection with adenovirus infection.
  • The onset of the disease can be either acute or gradual, it depends on the immune status.
  • At the beginning there will be symptoms of intoxication (chills, moderate headache, aching pains in bones / joints / muscles); By 2-3 days, the temperature rises to 38-39 ⁰С; Nasal congestion with serous discharge, which is replaced by mucous, and then purulent.
  • The tonsils are hyperemic (reddened), with a whitish coating in the form of dots. Enlargement of the submandibular and cervical lymph nodes.
  • The defeat of the pharynx, trachea, bronchi - laryngopharyngotracheitis, followed by bronchitis; all this is manifested: - hoarseness of the voice; - there is a dry / barking cough, which is subsequently replaced by a wet, different-sized cough.

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